Radisson Blu reopens Kyiv hotel (UA)

Radisson Blu reopens hotel in Kyiv (UA)

Radisson Blu has reopened one of the iconic Kyiv hotels following its refurbishment completed in partnership with OMO Design. Located in close proximity to Golden Gate, the hotel comprises 254 newly renovated guest rooms, a conference area, lobby and a lobby bar.


Jesper Henriksen, General Manager at Radisson Blu Hotel, Kyiv, says: “When it came to the renovation and redesign of Kyiv’s first-ever international branded hotel, we did not want to simply recreate the previous style. We wanted to integrate and reflect the local heritage, to show the connection with the Golden Gate, the Yaroslaviv Val street and the original historic building style. For this purpose, we looked for a Ukrainian designer who could do it in a proper way. And, today, we are proud to present the rebirth of a Kyiv legend.”


Natalia Shchyra, the British-Ukrainian designer, Principal at OMO Design, said: “We call this project timeless. The hotel’s building is located at the site of the ancient city wall, the Golden Gate, and near the UNESCO world heritage site of St. Sophia Cathedral. This means it carries powerful ancient energy within its walls. Our vision was to blend the hotel's contemporary atmosphere with the elements of the rich local historic heritage. The interior’s calm modern harmony of wood and stone is contrasted by the artworks and artefacts of the past century, where each piece has its own story. It has been a pleasure to work with the Radisson Blu team who provided inspiration for many design solutions.”


Karl-Maria Pfeffer, CEO at Raiffeisen Property International, said: “It is our great pleasure to reopen this landmark hotel, which has always had a pioneering role in Kyiv. We are confident that it will continue to do so for the next decade.”

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