MDJM buys Fernie Castle and Robin Hill Hotel (GB)

MDJM acquires Fernie Castle and Robin Hill Hotel (GB)

MDJM LTD has completed the acquisition and renovation of two new properties, Fernie Castle and Robin Hill Hotel, in the United Kingdom. The acquisition and renovation of the two properties, each with their own inimitable historical heritage and cultural value, represent the completion of the first phase of MDJM's repositioning and upgrade, driving the strategic transformation of its corporate globalization and setting out the business philosophy and strategic vision of its future business.


Tucked away among 17 acres of enchanting woodlands in Fife, Scotland, Fernie Castle stands as a captivating testament to 670 years of history and offers a unique experience. Guests can explore the untouched beauty of a native forest and a serene lake, where wildlife thrives undisturbed. There are 3 rare London Plane tress with over 900 years old inhabited by a lovely red squirrel family. The castle's turret, private lake, ancient igloo, and even a treehouse perched on top of six towering sycamore trees all evoke an aristocratic splendor of the past. After the completion of MDJM's acquisition and renovation, Fernie Castle is now available to host weddings of up to 180 guests with meticulous attention to detail that we believe will ensure an experience where history, elegance, and service converge to fulfill the dream of a romantic castle wedding.


Located in the heart of Torquay in southwest England, Robin Hill Hotel tempts guests with its vintage boutique charm, offering a delightful blend of nostalgia and elegance. Quintessentially English, it evokes nostalgia for times gone by and is a peaceful retreat just a short walk from the seafront, harbor, and multiple dining options. With a long and rich heritage, Robin Hill Hotel exudes an artistic vibe, providing a special experience for discerning guests. From its exquisite breakfast offerings and tranquil garden to the inviting bar and sunlit library, the hotel seamlessly combines British classics with modern amenities, making it a destination that transports guests back to a more traditional time.


"Since our NASDAQ listing, MDJM made a strategic decision to expand our global development footprint and set asset investment as our top priority," commented Siping Xu, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of MDJM. "Once we visited ourselves, we found the profound value of the historical heritage of both properties very attractive. Based on our long-term investment plan, we have shaped our development strategy and business philosophy by focusing on investments in traditional-style properties. We intend to respect traditions through a combination of the exploration and development of historical and cultural properties with modern digital technology to create assets that have both historical and contemporary practical value. MDJM firmly believes that in this way, we can better respond to the market demand and maintain our value."

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