Økernsenteret has a unique location at Økern, the most populated region of Oslo. Økern area is currently undergoing one of Norway’s most exciting city development projects which will transform the whole area into an urban and vibrant city centre. Steen & Strøm is one of the key investors in the place making of the Økern area which includes a water park, cinema, residential area, culture, in addition to Oslos largest shopping centre. 


Økernsenteret is a well-known shopping centre in the district, which is located right in the heart of the development area. The site has an infrastructure that makes it a major hub in the Oslo region, easily accessible by cars, metro and bus.


The population growth in the coming years will lead to a need for a significant number of new housing, increased trade promotions and more jobs. With its central location and good public transport coverage, the Økern an important area to focus on to meet future needs!

The very best and most unique shopping in Norway

Multiply its GLA by five and its number of retail units by six: that’s the ambitious goal that Økernsenteret has established for itself. Its extension plans, which aim to transform Oslo’s most highly populated community into an urban centre in its own right, include the creation of new open spaces, squares and gardens, the construction of new homes, and the installation of a water sports center, cinemas, restaurants, an arts center and a cutting-edge shopping centre.


With 180 shops on 55,000mGLA by 2020, the new shopping destination will be an international landmark both in terms of design, architecture and retail mix. New Økern will offer an open and inviting urban structure with spacious outdoor areas and a bustling square with beautiful landscaping that creates a welcoming atmosphere.


Investor: Steen & Strøm, Storebrand

Developer: Steen & Strøm

Architect: Benoy

Completion: 2020

More information

Steen & Strøm Norge AS

Støperigt. 1, Pb. 1593 Vika
0118 Oslo

Tel: +47 23 21 35 00


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