Ulmart is a next-generation internet retailer. It is the first Russian company in the e-commerce space to have turned over €882m ($1bn) in just seven years of operation, a record even by international e-commerce standards.

Dmitry Kostygin
Chairman of the Board
Mikhail Vasinkevich
Member of the Board
Sergey Fedorinov
Oleg Danilov
Chief Audit Executive
Vladimir Shonurov
Development Director
Alexandra Savina
Chief Marketing Officer
Oleg Pchelnikov
Commercial Director

Unlike its overseas colleagues, Ulmart started by building its own logistics infrastructure. Having invested in its development, today Ulmart boasts a wide network of various assets covering the whole European part of Russia: three suburban fulfillment centers, 32 urban fulfillment centers and over 400 pick-up points.


Today, Ulmart.ru offers over 120,000 SKUs. The company is continuing to expand the product line: three years from now Ulmart expects to exceed one million SKUs, not counting digital content. Among the company’s priorities are conversion from the internet shop to an integrated marketplace platform with its own logistics infrastructure based on Ulmart’s fulfillment centre network. The project to establish a marketplace with its own logistics service, including vehicle fleet, suburban and urban fulfillment centers, is unique not only for Russia but also for the global e-commerce market.


Ulmart is confident in its future, while demonstrating positive dynamics every year. The company’s successful activities, vast experience in online business development and implementation of its own development projects has become a valuable asset for Ulmart, which it wishes to share with foreign partners. Moreover, Ulmart is convinced that its achievements are the best case for study, illustrating the real picture of the Russian market and its resources. 


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