Hugo Ceusters

Group Hugo Ceusters-SCMS (HCS) is a Belgium-based real estate consultancy and property management company.

Ingrid Ceusters-Luyten
SIOR Executive President
Jereon Hafkamp
Managing Director Real Estate Services
Guido De Keersmaecker
Financial Director
Emmanuel Ceusters
Head of Agency
Philippe Van den Broeck
MRE, Head of Property Management

Group Hugo Ceusters-SCMS consists of two separate departments: Hugo Ceusters, which deals with the real estate agency business and SCMS-Ceusters, which deals with all matters pertaining to property management. The two departments of the Group HCS operate independently, each one dedicated to  finding the best possible solution in the interests of the customer, both in the short and long term.


Services offered by Hugo Ceusters


Letting, sales and contract negotiations - Hugo Ceusters deals with all aspects of real estate transactions (personal rights and rights in rem) in offices, warehouses (industrial real estate) and retail. Moreover, Hugo Ceusters takes pride in providing first-class valuations and corporate real estate services.


Real estate investment - Hugo Ceusters focuses on advising real estate investors interested in straightforward property investments, existing or future property portfolios, market opportunities, and Belgian real estate and tax legislation.


International consultancy - Being an active member of several important international networks, Hugo Ceusters is able to provide an optimal service to its international clientele on the Belgian market as well as to its Belgian clients throughout the world.


Services offered by SCMS-Ceusters

SCMS-Ceusters is responsible for extensive property management with a view of serving institutional investors on the Belgian market. _ ese property management services include: financial management, administrative and legal management, technical management and facility management, commercial management, project management, shopping center management, asset management, syndic, park management and real estate management advice.


SCMS-Ceusters offers a wide range of services relating to the establishment of overall development plans, market surveys and research, professional ratio analysis of data sales, marketing elements and support for tenant associations. 

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