MSCI, with 30 years of real estate market insight, is committed to supplying the real estate investment industry with the quality of information available to investors in equity and bond markets. MSCI’s global tracking of real estate investment performance supports market intelligence, benchmarking tools and performance and risk analytics for the investors and managers of public and private real estate.

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Jim Valente
Executive Director & Head of Real Estate
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Peter Hobbs
Managing Director & Head of Real Estate Research

Each year, MSCI produces more than 200 indexes that enhance private real estate market transparency and performance comparisons, as well as nearly 600 benchmarks for client portfolios. MSCI’s private real estate universe holds information on both direct property valuation-based indexes and indirect fund markets globally.


MSCI’s indexes provide the context for its real estate analytics products, which enable investors and managers to gain a clear view of risks and returns on their investment strategies. This framework provides the flexibility to measure and analyse portfolio performance nationally, internationally and globally, supporting all types of real estate investment portfolios and funds.


When MSCI’s real estate offering is integrated with MSCI’s broader offering of indexes and analytics, we can provide clients an integrated toolkit to manage performance and risk across their portfolios. MSCI Inc. is a leading provider of investment decision support tools to investors globally. Its clients include real estate investors, managers, consultants, lenders and occupiers.


10 of the top 10 global asset managers are MSCI real estate clients*, as well as seven of the top 10 global asset owners**. 


* Based on P&I data as of June 2014 (ranked by real estate AUM). Internal MSCI data as of September 2015.

** Based on IPE data (ranked by real estate AUM). Internal MSCI data as of September 2015.

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