reteam: the business of transforming retail properties with challenges into desirable retail destinations. A special branch of reteam is devoted to develop city districts into retail destinations.

Kathrine Heiberg
CEO reteam Group
Jacques Sinke
CEO reteam International and reteam Netherlands
Lasse Broden
President reteam Group



We optimize properties, creating long-term sustainable value for everyone investing in the location, using very specific and operational systems and tools to maximize value.


Our systems have proven to be successful for retail properties from 3,000 m² to more than 100,000 m² located in city centres, retail parks, railway stations, and other locations. The systems can be applied no matter culture or country, in 2014 projects took place in seven different countries from South Africa to Finland.


All of us at reteam have a profound knowledge of the shopping centre industry with decades of hands on experience. We have clearly developed and defined our own unique profile and are neither a market research company nor a marketing agency. We do provide clients with commercial strategic solutions and operational strategies based upon sophisticated consumer research and specific retail and market knowledge and intelligence.


(Re)developing a shopping mall in a competitive environment is a challenge that requires understanding the local retail offerings, the needs and wants of consumers and the current situation in the retail sector. The major future trends in society need to be incorporated. Design and master plan need to be sustainable and flexible.


The reteam response to this challenge is to create a unique and comprehensive strategy for each specific retail destination. Always pleased to explain what we do in full detail - “When clients understand the scope of work that is needed, they are more than happy to entrust us with the task”. 


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