CORPUS SIREO acquires €30m nursing home and medical centres for Health Care Fonds II and III (DE)

berlin koepenick

CORPUS SIREO International S.à r.l. in Luxembourg has acquired a nursing home in Bad Segeberg and medical centres in Berlin-Köpenick as well as in the greater region of Kaiserslautern for Health Care Fonds II and III. The investment volume for the acquisitions amounts to approximately €30m.


The nursing home in Bad Segeberg acquired for Health Care Fonds II covers a net floor area of approximately 5,400m². The facility is operated by Azurit, and the new rental agreement which has been concluded runs for a period of 20 years. The existing facility is operating at full capacity, and an extension will be built in order to cope with the strong local demand. With this acquisition, the fund now has 16 properties throughout the whole of Germany.


For Health Care Fonds III which was set up in the autumn of 2015, CORPUS SIREO has acquired two medical centres in Berlin-Köpenick and the greater region of Kaiserslautern. The number of invested properties has accordingly risen to a total of three.


The property in Berlin is located in Mahlsdorfer Straße 106 in Köpenick, and is virtually fully let with 18 practices of varying specialists. The project developer and vendor of the property is Schütz Baugesellschaft with registered offices in Munich.


The property in the greater region of Kaiserslautern was built in 2011; it covers a total area of approximately 5,300m² and is completely let. Approximately 80% of the rental area is utilised by specialist practices in the field of dialysis, ENC and radiology as well as a private clinic facility.


Fund manager Sebastian Schlansky said: "With the CORPUS SIREO Health Care III fund for medical centers which was set up at the end of 2015, we are offering our investors a further opportunity to invest in the health care market which is to a large extent independent of economic cycles. In this year, we are planning acquisitions of approximately €150m via our corresponding fund vehicles."

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