Zabka opens 80 seasonal stores in tourist destinations (PL)

Zabka opens 80 seasonal stores in tourist destinations (PL)

Polish retailer Zabka has opened 80 seasonal stores in popular tourist destinations across the country. Most of them operate in holiday resorts on the Baltic Sea. Seasonal Zabka units can also be found on the lakes Białe in Okuninka (Lubelskie Voivodeship) and Charzykowskie in Charzykow (Pomorskie Voivodeship).


"The first modular seasonal stores of the Zabka chain were opened at the seaside - in Miedzywodzie and Miedzyzdroje - in 2016. From the very beginning, they are very well perceived by our clients and franchisees, which is why we develop this concept every year. Seasonal stores are not only a convenience for tourists in everyday grocery shopping during the holidays but also the possibility of additional development and income for franchisees who run a store in prime locations in the region on a daily basis," said Przemysław Kijewski, operational director at Zabka Polska.


Zabka provides franchisees with a pavilion with all the equipment and allows them to run such a point in accordance with the network standards. Franchisees, as independent entrepreneurs, independently make decisions regarding the employment of employees, including recruitment and possible benefits.


"I have been running seasonal stores for 5 years. In such a store, traffic is high and lasts all day. Therefore, the seasonal store requires daily deliveries, many more people in a shift and efficient customer service. The appropriate selection of the crew is one of the most important tasks faced by the franchisee running a seasonal outlet," commented Klaudia Chojna, franchisee running seasonal stores in Stegna and Jantar.


Seasonal stores usually have daily deliveries, with some locations increasing deliveries to twice a day due to high demand. The number of cash registers can also be increased upon demand. Seasonal stores are subject to a sanitary regime and all regulations related to maintaining safety among customers, which have been implemented throughout the Zabka chain. 

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