Panattoni begins urban development - City Logistics Warsaw IX (PL)

panattoni warsaw

City Logistics Warsaw IX is to be built before the end of the year with half of the 13,000m2 leased out to Inter-Mlecz.


Panattoni, an active industrial developer, continues to grow its portfolio of urban centres in Warsaw. The company has begun construction of City Logistics Warsaw IX next to the junction of ul. Utrata and ul. Zabraniecka in the city’s Targówek Fabryczny district and the value of the investment will amount to €19m. Half of the space is to be occupied by Inter-Mlecz, a distributor of some of the biggest grocery brands. The company is to move its current operations without disruption from a nearby location.



By the end of this year, Panattoni will have delivered over 150,000 sqm of City Logistics space in Warsaw with the final figure approaching almost 200,000 sqm. The versatility of urban centres attracts dozens of different industries and businesses, from logistics, e-commerce and production to services and laboratories. Their potential is demonstrated by Inter-Mlecz. The company has leased 6,500 sqm in City Logistics Warsaw IX with construction in Warsaw’s Targówek district having already begun on ul. Utrata. The distributor of grocery and dairy brands is to use freezer and refrigeration units within the centre. The park’s location provides good connections to the city centre including by road.

“What turned out to be the key advantages that Panattoni could bring to its partnership with Inter-Mlecz were the possibility of developing the space with the required temperature control facilities and the tenant being able to move its operations from a nearby centre. Once again we have demonstrated that our space can be adapted to meet the needs of clients from dozens of different industries and our City Logistics centres are the best proof of this versatility. It is in this segment that we can see how our developments do not just serve as warehouses but as diversified platforms that combine different businesses and are built in attractive locations with easy access to customers and workers,” says Karolina Przygoda, the Senior Leasing Manager at Panattoni.


The growing potential of the west bank of the Vistula in Warsaw

By developing City Logistics Warsaw IX, Panattoni is once again demonstrating how attractive the west bank of the Vistula is in Warsaw. The developer has already developed City Logistics Warsaw IV in the Annopol district with an area of almost 40,000 m2. One of the buildings has been fully leased out to TRUMPF Huettinger, from where it is to supply the markets of the US, Korea, and China. Polish-based electric bicycle producer Coci E-motion is also to use the park.


Six years after launching its City Logistics project, Panattoni already holds a portfolio of over 550,000 m2 across Poland. The developer’s centres have been chosen by the leaders of many industries including those in e-commerce, online groceries, hospitality, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, logistics and food. The number of developments in the production industry is also growing with the rise in interest being driven by the nearshoring trend, whereby production, distribution and storage are being placed closer to the final consumer. Hi-tech companies are also increasingly choosing City Logistics centres since they appreciate the access to high-skilled labour as well as the flexibility of the space, which may be converted into showrooms, laboratories and R&D centres.

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