MVRDV designed NIO House Amsterdam (NL)

MVRDV designed NIO House Amsterdam (NL)

NIO has opened its flagship location in Europe, occupying a seven-storey building on Amsterdam’s Keizersgracht originally built in the late 19th century. 


The new NIO House Amsterdam has been renovated with an interior design by MVRDV, respecting the historic building's heritage. The building now offers various spaces for relaxation, work, events, and exhibitions, with floors inspired by NIO's "blue sky coming" slogan. The building has a rich history, having been built in 1891 and later housed the Metz & Co department store. 


The exciting challenge of this project was in unifying the history of this building with the identity of NIO, a company which in many senses is interested in offering a vision of the future,” said MVRDV founding partner Jacob van Rijs. “In a sense, we are confronting the same challenge that Rietveld resolved so gracefully 90 years ago. NIO House Amsterdam shows how the old and the new can provide a counterpoint for one another and ultimately enrich each other.



Recycled drinks cartons were used for the walls on the ground and first floors, while sustainable terrazzo flooring was used. Wood and eco-friendly paint are featured on the upper floors, and the top two floors showcase a transition from gold to blue, representing the sky. The Rietveld pavilion on the top floor preserves modernist history and offers stunning views of Amsterdam.


Image provided by MVRDV.


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