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Bonarka for Business (B4B) - a high-quality business park in the Kraków – Podgórze district – opened its fifth office building (E) in 2015. B4B consists of eleven class A office buildings with total area of 100,000 m² GLA in a unique urban arrangement.

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The Perfect Place for Business

B4B is a business park of modern class-A offices, consistent with the current highest standards. The development is characterised by exceptional architecture, high quality fit-out materials, flexible space arrangement, excellent daylight access, eco-friendly technologies, and easy access to parking places and additional services within the business park.


Excellent Location

B4B is located in the heart of Bonarka City Centre–a multifunctional city centre in the Kraków – Podgórze district, close to the historical centre of Kraków and the city’s main arteries. With several bus stops and the Bonarka Railway Station located nearby, B4B is easily accessible by an excellent public transport network.



The buildings (A, B, C and D) provide 35,000m². GLA for the tenants in Kraków. Thanks to the past years’ hard work, the following tenants had set upin B4B: Alexander Mann Solutions, State Street, Pega, Pure Jatomi Fitness, Euroclear, Herbalife, Lufthansa Global Business Services, and RWE among others. With the opening of building E in Q1 2015, B4B provides additional 10,000m² GLA for the future partners. The sixth building (F) is scheduled for Q4 2015 and further buildings (G, H, I, J and K) are planned to be built in the coming years.


Green Buildings

The buildings constructed in the next phases (F, G, H, I, J and K) are expected to obtain BREEAM. certification at a ‘very good’ level. BREEAM. is a multi-criterial system of building assessment based on their environmental friendliness and comfort of future user. Environment protection has always been an important aspect in TriGranit’s developments. TriGranit is also always looking for new, eco-friendly solutions during construction and in the field of operation.



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