Aldi joins Zwolle Zuid shopping centre (NL)

Aldi joins Zwolle Zuid shopping centre (NL)

Altera Vastgoed adds supermarket ALDI to Zwolle Zuid shopping centre. The contracting of ALDI will further increase the share of stores in the shopping centre where people can buy their daily groceries to over 78%. ALDI will open its new store, which has a floor area of 1,345m², in the summer of 2023.


Zwolle Zuid shopping centre is the place to go for south Zwolle’s daily shopping, with a complete range of food & convenience and a good ratio of local entrepreneurs and chain stores, including Lidl, Albert Heijn,Kruidvat and Action – shortly to be joined by ALDI. The shopping centre provides for the district’s retail needs and has a primary catchment area of roughly 30,000 residents.


Zwolle Zuid is a prime example of a future-proof shopping centre, which fits in perfectly with the investment strategy. Altera remains committed to the further growth of the supermarket share of its convenience portfolio.


Erwin Wessels, CIO Altera, said: “Over the past period we have been working with ALDI to locate a third supermarket in our centre. With the conclusion of a long-term lease, work can now start on building the new ALDI supermarket. In addition, the mix and variety of national and local retailers and neighbourhood support facilities provides an important contribution to the social cohesion and attractiveness of the neighbourhood.”

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