Threestones Capital acquires senior home in Galicia (ES)

Threestones Capital acquires a senior home in Galicia (ES)

Threestones Capital acquires a nursing home facility located in Rubia, in the region of Galicia, Spain, for its TSC Fund - Eurocare IV investment vehicle. The nursing home “San Cosme” is a unique two-floor structure with two basements, offering 86 beds. The building, completed in 2008, boasts wide and luminous rooms with big common areas, providing a comfortable stay for its residents. Mimara Residencial, a leading operator of elderly care residences in Spain, will take over the operations of the nursing home.


“We are glad to announce our 14th acquisition in Spain via Eurocare IV sub-fund, which brings the total number of care beds managed by Threestones Capital in the country to 1,493. The acquisition of the nursing home in Rubia reflects Threestones' commitment to expanding its portfolio of senior housing and providing high-quality care for the elderly population in Spain”, said Beka Pipia, Portfolio Manager at Threestones Capital.


Located in the north of the east side of Galicia, almost on the border with Castilla y León, the nursing home offers a calm and pleasant atmosphere while providing basic amenities at walking distance. The major residential areas of Lugo and Ourense are located approximately one hour drive away.

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