SPAR opens its 600th store in Hungary

SPAR opens its 600th store in Hungary

SPAR Hungary has reached a new milestone in increasing its presence in the country with the opening of its 600th store. Located in the village of Vaskut in Bacs-Kiskun County, the new store is part of SPAR Hungary's Partner Programme, launched in 2012. This new opening demonstrates the success of the independent retailer network, already present in 102 municipalities throughout the country. By 2021, including the store in Vaskut, the number of SPAR independent retailer stores in Hungary amounted to 220, with the total number of stores reaching 600.


“SPAR Hungary’s partner system has solidified into a stable, well-established business model over the years. It has grown into a close-knit system of relations within the company. SPAR supports domestic SMEs through this to carry out continuous expansions, business, and operational improvements. This system enables the delivery of the well-known and popular SPAR products and services, primarily from Hungarian sources, to a wider range of consumers”, commented Zsolt Szalay, Managing Director for Sales Activities at SPAR Hungary. SPAR provides a wide range of goods, delivery up to six times a week, marketing support and promotions, as well as a modern IT system, and access to the SuperShop loyalty programme to the members of its partner network. After joining the programme, external and internal renewal are important initial steps. A bright, spacious and transparent retail space is created, the earlier machinery and equipment are replaced with new ones, and cooling, heating and lighting technology are also modernised with a focus on environmental aspects.”


According to Gabriella Heiszler, Managing Director of SPAR Hungary, a real, tangible benefit for customers is the availability of a wide range of high-quality products. The company also focuses on ensuring that independent retailer stores feature a vast range of local and regional food products and specialities.


“The most important part of the partner programme is that the operating model offered by SPAR – covering transportation, IT and consultancy background – allows us as the owner to start a new and committed enterprise, to monitor it and hopefully profit from it, while we still have time to continue our previous work and lives,” said Csaba Voros, the owner of the new SPAR store in Vaskut. 


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