Shareholders Corio approve proposed amendment in Articles of Association (NL)

At the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of Corio N.V. on 10 December the meeting approved the proposed amendment in the Articles of Association. Furthermore Mr. J.D. Doets and Mr. D.C. Doijer have been appointed and Mr. B. Vos and Mr. W. Borgdorff MRE have been reappointed as members of the Supervisory Board of Corio N.V..

The amendment to the Articles of Association is related to the Dutch ´structuurregime´, the rules applicable to statutory two-tier entities, which is mandatory for Corio and the rules for Corporate Governance under the ´Code Tabaksblat´. The amendment to the Articles of Association approved by the shareholders has been presented to the Ministry of Justice in order to obtain a certificate of no objection. When this certificate is obtained the scope of this regime will be applicable to Corio as of 5 January 2005. The amended Articles of Association will then be published on the website of Corio.

Corio is delighted that Mr. J.D. Doets and Mr. D.C. Doijer have become members of the Supervisory Board. Mr. Doets has wide and worldwide knowledge and experience in the field of property investment. As CEO of ING Real Estate he has concluded a successful career and his network and international experience can make a great contribution to Corio N.V.. Mr. Doijer has occupied a multitude of positions at SHV and Makro, and these will provide operational value to, for example, Corio´s center management. Mr. Doijer has also worked in a number of different cultures/countries, which are in keeping with Corio´s international portfolio.

The shareholders´ meeting has approved the remuneration policy for the management board of Corio N.V. according to the proposal.

Source: Corio

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