Rodamco North America: liquidation payment on all RNA shares

Rodamco North America N.V. in liquidation today announced that following the transfer of the assets and liabilities of the Company to Westfield America Trust, Simon Property Group and The Rouse Company, a liquidation payment has been made on all RNA shares as registered in the custody systems on Tuesday 7 May 2002 after close of business.

The liquidation payment was EUR 54.15 per share (pre-withholding tax). This amount is higher than the EUR 54.11 originally quoted in the Updated Explanatory Memorandum of 11 March 2002, as a result of interest received following the closing of the transfer.

EUR 10.61 of the EUR 54.15 per share payment will be subject to Dutch dividend withholding tax at a rate of 25%. Dutch-domiciled shareholders may be able to offset this tax against other tax liabilities or receive a refund. In cases where the shareholder is resident in a country with which the Netherlands has concluded a tax treaty the applicable 25% rate may, under certain circumstances be reduced. Whether a foreign shareholder may credit the dividend tax withheld will depend on the relevant legislation in its country of residence. RNA recommends that shareholders consult their own tax advisor on this matter.

(source: Rodamco North America)

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