RE Capital and REIG began works on RUBIX industrial project in Geneva (CH)

RE Capital and REIG began works on RUBIX industrial project in Geneva (CH)

RE Capital and its investment partner Real Estate Investment Group (REIG) have begun the construction phase of RUBIX industrial project. The project is located in the Meyrin-Satigny industrial and commercial zone (the ZIMEYSA) in Geneva and is set to characterize the future of industrial zones.


RUBIX is a futuristic and high-tech building consisting of two buildings, offering over 47,000m2 of space that can be adapted to the needs of organizations. It will be completed in 2025 and is modular in design, with entirely personalized spaces that can be custom-equipped according to different areas of activity. Companies with demanding requirements, such as medical, research and development, luxury watchmaking, and high-tech industries, will find RUBIX an ideal destination. GF Machining Solutions has already signed an 8,300m2 pre-let agreement.


The project will use geothermal energy, solar panels, and agile mobility with a bike lane. The buildings have been designed by de Giuli & Portier Architectes and will incorporate the latest technological advances. HRS will be the general contractor, and SPGI Geneva SA will offer future tenants personalized support. The construction funding has been secured through P Capital Partners (PCP) and BCGE.


Newman Leech, CEO of RE Capital, said: "Our vision for the future of industrial zones is somewhere between humanism, humanity, and the environment - offering a harmonious living environment through the unique buildings we develop. RUBIX is a testament to our passion for creating the highest quality buildings alongside our trusted partners and investors."


Johannes Gerzain, Head of Switzerland and Director of Asset Management at RE Capital, said: "The future of industrial spaces will involve much more diversity. RUBIX moves beyond the traditional systematic zoning of the ZIMEYSA territory, enabling a space that serves multiple users for multiple purposes. As we complete the building in 2025, we look forward to working alongside GF Machining Solutions and other future tenants to create a world-class industrial space in the heart of Europe."


Jean-Claude Portier, Founder and co-owner at DE GIULI & PORTIER architectes SA, said: "The unique aspect of planning for industrial spaces is that we rarely know the users before producing the spaces, so it requires an extreme sense of anticipation. It requires agility in architecture, design, and techniques to adapt to future users. We are delighted to partner with innovative developers like RE Capital to bring something to the market that we believe will truly change the face of the industrial industry for years to come."


Petter Bjorklen, Managing Director at PCP, added: "The RUBIX project aligns perfectly with our vision of investing in innovative developments that not only promise a sustainable and technologically advanced future but also have the potential to redefine urban industrial spaces."


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