Pohjola OP chose Lapti for Kiinteisto Oy Oulu Isokatu 14 (FI)

Pohjola OP chose Lapti for Kiinteisto Oy Oulu Isokatu 14 (FI)

The board of Pohjola OP has chosen Lapti as the contractor for the development phase of the new building of Kiinteisto Oy Oulu Isokatu 14, located at the corner of Isonkatu and Hallituskatu. In addition to Pohjolan OP's new office and customer service premises, the new building includes a residential tower. The base part of the new building containing office and business premises is estimated to be completed at the end of 2026 and the residential tower part in the spring of 2027.


The block of Pohjolan OP's head office in the centre of Oulu at Isokatu 14 is being renovated. The operations of Pohjola OP's Isonkatu branch office will move to emergency premises in May, and the branch's demolition work will begin.


"We are now able to proceed according to the plan with the construction project. A total of 14-storey new building is planned to be placed on the plot, consisting of a six-storey plinth section for office and business premises and an eight-storey residential tower section," said Keijo Posio, CEO of Pohjolan OP.


"We are really happy that we get to realize Pohjola Osuuspanki's new office and residential building in one of the best locations in Oulu. At the same time, this building adds value to the cityscape of Oulu's downtown area. That is why we are enthusiastically and carefully building a renewed Oulu," said Lapti CEO Jussi Karjula.


A-Insinoorit acts as the developer consultant for the project, and it is implemented by Lapti as a cooperative project management contract. The project format brings all the project's parties, i.e. Pohjola's OP, architectural and technical designers, the contractor and the staff together to refine plans and develop implementation methods. The value of the project management contract is c. 30m.


"Collaborativeness produces better results when we are all on the same side of the table. We will build an office building on a compact lot in the middle of the city, with apartments on top, and the intention is also to go two floors underground. Good cooperation and communication are absolutely essential for the success of the project," construction manager Ari-Matti Jankala said about A-Insinoorei.


"With Lapti, we reached an agreement for the development phase quickly, nimbly and with good understanding. It's great to get started on a project that shows the direction for the urban development of the centre of Oulu. With projects like this, Oulu also starts to look like a city of its size, i.e. big and significant," states Jankala.


Image source - Lapti.


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