Panattoni to deliver new built-to-suit logistics development in Zary (PL)

Panattoni to deliver new built-to-suit logistics development in Zary (PL)

Panattoni has finalised another built-to-suit development in the Lubusz region. The Vita Group – Europe’s largest supplier and producer of polyurethane foam – will in the second quarter of 2023 have already started using 8,000m² of BTS (built-to-suit) space in Panattoni Park Zary. The development is under construction barely 30 km from the German border near to European road E36, which connects the Lubusz region with Berlin. Moreover, the park is only to be 2 hours by road from the border with the Czech Republic.


“Being located in Zary superbly aligns with our strategy and will allow us to effectively support the development of the region. We will serve both the Polish and the German markets effectively from our new centre,”  said Wiesław Pacyna, the General Manager, of Vita Polymers Poland. “Thanks to the high-quality space provided by Panattoni, we will be able to assure high work standards for all the building’s users. The well-being and sustainable construction solutions are a major benefit of our work together.”


“With the development for The Vita Group, once again the area has demonstrated its huge potential for industry. Already in Żary, Syncreon operates from a built-to-suit centre constructed by Panattoni, from which it runs a modern electrical equipment repair centre. Such effective developments could foreshadow further BTS developments right here,” commented Maciej Zawada, the BTS Development Senior Manager at Panattoni.


“The huge potential of the Lubusz region and the whole of Western Poland would be difficult to tap into if it were not for the support and involvement of the local authorities. The Wójt of the Żary administrative district as well as other officials perfectly understand how attractive this is as a place for business. and so they will create an environment to maximise and foster its development. It is a great pleasure to work with such a partner and it leaves me wishing that all other administrations in Poland would take on such an approach,” added Marek Foryński, the BTS Managing Director at Panattoni.



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