Panattoni secures €64m for Polish logistics pipeline

Panattoni secures €64m for Polish logistics pipeline

Panattoni has been granted a €64m loan by Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego for yet more landmark projects. The financing is to be used to develop a strategic complex for Poczta Polska in Radzymin as well as two buildings within Panattoni Park Grudziadz.


Over the last few years, Panattoni has consistently supported the development of more markets in the Kujawsko-Pomeranian region. This is where the company has delivered almost half a million sqm through the development of parks in towns and cities such as  Toruń and Bydgoszcz as well as BTS centres in Brześć Kujawski and Grudziadz, where construction was launched last year on Panattoni Park Grudziądz – the first industrial complex in this area. The development of two buildings with areas of 8,500m² and 25,000m² are to be financed with the loan from BGK.


BGK is also financing a BTS project for Poczta Polska in Radzymin. The Warsaw-area development will comprise two buildings with a combined area of over 43,000m² and is to play a key role in the development of Poczta Polska’s Logistics Architecture Network strategy. Being equipped with the latest sorting machines for automatically processing parcels, the complex will help improve and optimise the organisation’s package handling. 


“The differences between our projects in Grudziądz and Radzymin demonstrate the diversity and range of our operations at Panattoni. We are an excellent development partner for those operating in the so-called Big Five mature markets, while we also create new business platforms in underserved markets and thus promote their growth. The diversification of our operations across Poland is recognised by financial institutions so they are keen to support us in more of our developments. We wish to thank BGK for their constructive partnership and look forward to working with them on further joint projects,” said Karina Trojańska, the Chief Financing & Operating Officer at Panattoni.


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