Nooka Space grows its presence in Romania

Nooka Space grows its presence in Romania

Nooka Space continues to expand its extensive network of micro proximity offices with the latest development in Bucharest, Romania. Launched on the Romanian market last spring, after an investment of over €1m, the Irish Nooka Space start-up aims to redefine the hybrid work style, through an innovative business model, which invites people to enjoy individual workspaces and more flexibility, mobility, and creativity.


Last year, Nooka Space launched in Cluj Napoca the largest network of proximity offices and marked a European premiere, Floresti village from Cluj County becoming the first community beneficiary of a Nooka proximity office.


Several studies conducted at the local and international levels show that working in a hybrid system will become the norm and will be the preferred working model of most employees. A report published earlier this year by the local recruitment platform shows that 80% of employers consider the move to remote work beneficial, whether almost half of them consider that remote work will be the new norm of working in 2022. At the same time, a study conducted on the Ivox platform in January this year, on a sample of 880 respondents, shows that 17.36% of Romanians worked remotely last year, while a percentage of 24.92% opted for the hybrid style. In this context, companies are looking to adapt to the new working conditions and find the best solutions to meet the current needs of employees.


Sergiu Babasan, Country Manager Nooka Space Romania, said: "The option of working remotely, as well as the flexibility, are becoming more and more important for employees. This puts a lot of pressure on employers, who are now forced to find the best solutions to keep a balance and to provide their employees with optimal working conditions. Nooka Space responds to this need by developing a network of micro-offices in the vicinity of employees' homes and their areas of interest. This year our goal is to grow the network in Bucharest, especially in residential centres. We are in advanced negotiations with real estate developers, and we are planning to install at least 20 Nooka proximity offices in Bucharest by the end of the year."

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