NCC to deliver sustainable office building in Odense (DK)

NCC to construct sustainable office building in Odense (DK)

NCC has signed an agreement to construct a new government office hub for the Danish Building and Property Agency in Odense, Denmark. The new office will be a six-story wooden building comprising approximately 31,000m² with a focus on sustainability. The order value is approximately €86m (SEK 880m). The project will be implemented with a strong emphasis on reducing the environmental impact in connection with the actual construction work and the subsequent operation by, for example, minimizing energy consumption. Construction will commence in 2022 and the project is scheduled for completion at the end of 2025. The assignment will be carried out on a turnkey basis. 


“NCC has a strong offering and we are really looking forward to the cooperation. This is an exciting project in which we, NCC and the rest of the construction industry can gain valuable experience from and that will serve as a modern framework for government workplaces in Odense,” said Signe Primdal Lyndrup, Deputy Director of the Danish Building and Property Agency.


“NCC has constructed several buildings out of wood around the Nordic region, and that experience was crucial for this assignment. The Agency’s new office is an extremely interesting project and a milestone for the development of sustainable solutions in the Danish construction industry. We look forward to the start of construction,” commented Catarina Molen-Runnas, Business Area Manager of NCC Building Nordics.


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