NCC sells commercial properties on Ströget for SEK 212 million (DK)

NCC Property Development in Denmark has sold commercial properties on Ströget in Copenhagen to K/S Vimmelskaftet 31-41 c/o Keops InvestorPartner A/S. The purchase sum was DKK 177 million, the equivalent of SEK 212 million (approx. € 24 million).

The sale will be taken up as income for 2004 and will mean a clear financial profit for NCC Property Development. SEK 191 million (DKK 160 million) out of the purchase price was payed in 2004.

The commercial properties, which are situated in the choicest part of Ströget in Copenhagen and have 2,690 m² of space, are to be renovated.

On reopening in May 2005, the properties’ retailers will include a Nike Concept Store and a ”Sportsman United Sportsbrand” â€" a high-profile sports store occupying 1,500 m² of space.

NCC Property Development in Denmark acquired and developed the property in 2004, as part of the company’s initiative in the retail area.

The property’s name is Vimmelskaftet 31-41 in Copenhagen.

Source: NCC

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