Montea launches an Airbnb facility for the logistics sector

Montea launches an Airbnb facility for the logistics sector

Montea has become the first company to offer an Airbnb facility for the logistics sector. Companies with surplus warehousing can now offer their available storage space to businesses that need it via the Stockspots online platform and vice versa: anyone looking for additional warehouse space for a short period can now easily find it online. The platform has been operating in the Netherlands since last year, and will now be launching in Belgium and France. It already has over 500 registered warehouses.


“The world is changing fast and logistics needs to keep pace with that change,” says Peter Demuynck, Montea CCO. “For instance, there are more and more companies that don’t require a big warehouse, but instead need somewhere to storage may be just a few pallets. And not for nine years, but for a few weeks or months – preferably as close as possible to a very specific location. It is this sort of disruptive innovation that the logistics sector needs.”


There is already a particularly high level of interest in the new concept, which fits perfectly with the new logistics aims of major players, such as the Port of Antwerp, Brussels Airport, and Coolblue.


“The most sustainable building is the one that doesn’t need to be built,” continues Peter Demuynck, Montea CCO. “With that in mind, Stockspots is definitely a sustainability story. Belgium does not have a great deal of room to play with when it comes to creating additional physical warehouse space. Space is becoming scarce. Which means we need to make more and much better use of the existing space available. The system of ‘logistics in the cloud’ means that companies can be more flexible. It also means that they have to build fewer warehouses and so are able to optimise their operationsThis is all the more important in times when no one is able to forecast accurately what the market trends will be for next year.”


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