Longchamp opens new store in Munich (DE)

Longchamp opens new store in Munich (DE)

Together with Eurotrade, the retail subsidiary of Munich Airport, the French luxury leather goods company "Longchamp" opened its new 72m² boutiques in Terminal 2 at Gates H. The boutique at Munich Airport was designed in line with the Longchamp flagship store on the Champs-Elysees in Paris and features a retro-inspired, open and very bright store concept.


Markus Wahl, CEO Longchamp Germany, commented: "We are really pleased to open a very well located store in our brand NEW Longchamp store concept (corner location) at Munich Airport in Terminal 2 non-Schengen level. This successful Longchamp boutique will appeal to customers from all over the world. Really a very nice project!"


"We are very pleased that the opening of the Longchamp boutique has added an enormous value to the range of products on offer in our stores. Longchamp, with its exclusive items, is an excellent match that meets the quality expectations that passengers have of us as a 5-star airport," said Rainer Beeck.


Sven Zahn added: "The non-Schengen level in Terminal 2 is an ideal location for the Longchamp store at our airport because we know that especially our customers from the Asian region certainly appreciate such an offer."


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