Lidl Portugal invests €21m in store renovation

Lidl Portugal invests €21m in store renovation

Lidl has confirmed its commitment to its Portuguese network with €21m investment. The money is aimed at modernising five stores in Montijo, Moita, Gouveia, Montemor-o-Velho, and Gondomar. In addition to offering an improved shopping experience, Lidl contributes to local economies by generating stable employment opportunities, with open-ended contracts.


The five stores are part of the new Lidl store concept, which has been implemented in many other areas of the country. The stores comprise sales areas between 1,100 and 1,400m², wide corridors, and glass facades for natural light, allowing for greater energy savings. Designed with its customers' daily and weekly shopping in mind, all stores include self-service bakery service, with a bread cutting machine, where customers can find dozens of varieties of bread and pastries.


In the fruit and vegetable section, the retailer has installed an orange juice machine in the renovated stores. The Montijo and Gondomar stores also have a roast chicken counter, where the product is prepared, cut, and packed to be ready to eat.


All of the stores provide parking spaces for customers. The five stores are also equipped with LED lighting and solar panels. The renovation of the new Montijo store included the construction of a bicycle lane and a new garden space, while a roundabout was built in the surroundings of the Gouveia store for better traffic management and easy access to the store.

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