Grontmij Real Estate International expands its activities

Grontmij Real Estate International builds underground car parks and logistics centres in Europe. To set itself apart in the market, the company focuses on activities such as developing a network of logistics centres in which European transport axes play a crucial role.

Grontmij has been active in Italy for quite some time. Around the Malpensa airport near Milan, Real Estate International is developing three locations into a logistics industrial estate that provides for warehouses and distribution centres, an office park and an industrial estate with logistic and distribution functions. Since May 2000 Grontmij has been involved in Malpensa Real Estate together with Schiphol.

Network strategy
It is no accident that Real Estate International is focusing on North Italy. Grontmij wants to expand its activities around European transport axes. Economically speaking, North Italy is an important area where much can still be improved in the field of logistics and real estate. Grontmij wants to make a case for a network of logistics centres, if at all possible situated at crossroads of different transport modalities such as air and road (Malpensa) or road and rail. It is precisely all the problems with the tunnels that have caused a clear shift to rail.

Modest role
Besides Italy, Real Estate International is also active in other countries including Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary. At the European level, Real Estate International is now playing a modest role. And competition in Europe is certainly real. But Grontmij can distinguish itself well through its strong emphasis on logistics hubs and because it can offer its clients a wide range of options for end financing.

(source: Grontmij)

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