Gran Via Real Estate invests €26m in Romanian resi market

Gran Via Real Estate invests €26m in Romanian resi market

Gran Via Real Estate is continuing to grow its presence in the Romanian market with its project in Constan?a City - Gran Via Marina. The company has now invested €26m in two new residential blocks with 190 apartments.


"We are going through a difficult period in which we are facing an explosive increase of the prices for construction materials, energy, and skilled labor the one hand, and, on the other hand, we are facing a series of uncertainties given the Ukrainian border conflict. However, we do not stop investing and our company continues to expand the Gran Via Marina project in Constan?a City. We believe that real estate investments remain good protection against inflation", said Antoanela Comsa, President of Gran Via Real Estate.


Gran Via will feature units ranging from studios, and two and three-room apartments to four-room duplexes located on the ground floor or on the top floors.  The second phase will be delivered in 2023.


“For the second phase of the Gran Via Marina project we propose an integrated housing concept, with modern apartments, green spaces and sports field, located in a developing area of Constan?a, on Aurel Vlaicu Boulevard, near the Vivo mall," commented Andra Paraschivescu, Director of Sales & Marketing, Gran Via Real Estate.

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