Gorinchem Municipal Authority, AM and Heijmans sign agreement on development of Hoog Dalem (NL)

The Gorinchem Municipal Authority, AM Wonen and Heijmans IBC Vastgoedontwikkeling have signed an agreement to develop the Hoog Dalem area, situated on the eastern side of Gorinchem, the Netherlands. Approximately 1,400 new homes are to be built in Hoog Dalem between 2007 and 2014, along with shops and various other amenities.

The AM/Heijmans share of the project amounts to around 1,000 homes and the development and/or construction of the shops etc. The total turnover volume will be around €255 million.

The construction work on the Hoog Dalem development will be carried out by VOF Oosterlinge 2, a joint venture between AM Wonen and Heijmans IBC Vastgoedontwikkeling. Hoog Dalem represents a further phase of two previous new developments on the eastern side of Gorinchem, Laag Dalem (approximately 3,000 homes) and Laag Dalem Zuid (approximately 225 homes), also built by a consortium of AM and Heijmans. Work on the first homes in Laag Dalem Zuid started last year.

The municipal authority has opted for a master plan mixing town and country for the development of Hoog Dalem, preserving the existing open east-west structure of the area. The principal feature of the development concept is formed by two ribbons of development with separate clusters of new homes located along them. These clusters will be separated by landscaped areas and water features. By concentrating the actual development in this way, the area will retain its green and open water aspect.

New Holland Waterline
Hoog Dalem lies within the New Holland Waterline inundation area (designated floodplain), and characteristic features of the area will be reflected in the development. Concentrating the new homes on ‘islands’ brings out the principle of the New Holland Waterline, with areas of higher land surrounded by lower-lying open areas with water features. The Waterline will also provide the inspiration for the development of the new homes.

On the basis of current plans, 25â€"30% of the 1,400 new homes will provide rented accommodation. There will also be a wide variety of owner-occupied housing, approximately 50% of which will be in the medium-range to more expensive price brackets while 10% will be apartments. A study is currently being carried out to explore the possibility of including a shopping centre serving the whole of Gorinchem Oost, various schools and healthcare facilities and sheltered housing/care homes for the elderly in the development zone.

Source: AM

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