FondsMedia warns for initiators of close-ended funds without profit & loss accounts

The research institute FondsMedia wanrs for initiators of close-ended funds which do not publish a profit & loss account. For instance, half of all close-ended funds do not publish such an account according to FondsMedia. It should be the most important document though.

Â'If an emission house does not publish such a document, although it has been on the market for some years, you should have second thoughtsÂ', according to Peter Kastell, Managing Director of the Hamburg-based research institute.

Of the more than 160 German and foreign real estate funds, only around 50 published a profit & losss account. Real estate funds, where investors invested no less than EUR 7.5 bln only last year making it the largest market, are at the same time non-transparent as only 31% publishes a P&L account. For media and leasing funds the percentage is arounmd 40%. Every other marine vessel and windpark fund publish P&L accounts.

(source: Yahoo! Finanzen)

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