Eurocash Group expands its retail network (PL)

Eurocash Group opens 1000th ABC store (PL)

Eurocash Group has opened its 1000th renovated ABC outlet in Miłoradz, Poland. The store, which was operating as part of the ABC network since 2018, has undergone rebranding and remodeling, including the expansion of the sales room to approximately 130m². In addition to a wide range of beverages and liquor, fresh meats, dairy products, as well as local products, the store now also features a cafe and hot-dog zones.  The retailer has also introduced the ABC Cash Register System at the outlet, which facilitates store management and the implementation of retail promotions and other marketing activities.



Tomasz Michalewicz, director of ABC Network and customer development in Eurocash Group, said: “We are convinced that our franchisees know best what their customers need and how to respond to them. That is why they decide about the final appearance of the interior of the store and its equipment. They choose which of the proposed solutions and to what extent they want to use. Thanks to this, each ABC store has its own unique, local character. The ABC chain has become a modern brand, guaranteeing quality, pleasant shopping, availability of goods and greater visibility of promotional offers. This is directly reflected in the sale of products in each category. Changing the consumer's perception of the brand affects the size of the shopping cart. The new image, combined with the current development strategy of the local store, focusing on the relationship between the owner and the consumer, creates a strong synergy and increases the value of the brand.”

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