DMDmodular completes energy-efficient housing project in Myslowice (PL)

DMDmodular completes energy-efficient housing project in Mys?owice (PL)

DMDmodularhas successfully completed a fully energy-efficient housing project that tackles the industry’s most pressing challenges, with Fibo’s waterproof wall panels used throughout.


DMDmodular’s new development in Mysłowice, Poland is an energy-efficient, multi-occupancy building, built in response to an initiative led by the Polish National Centre for Research and Development and fully financed by EU funds.


Designed and constructed using a volumetric modular system, it was developed by DMDmodular in collaboration with researchers, architects, and technologists. The development comprises 29 apartments, ranging in size from 45m2 to 70m2, and formed from 56 fully finished and furnished modules, manufactured at DMDmodular’s facility near Krakow.


Ewelina Wozniak Szpakiewicz, President of the Management Board of DMDmodular, said: “We believe that this pilot scheme will help generate true interest in modular technology, combined with sustainable building systems and products. Our experience enables us to provide innovative solutions for the entire real estate sector, including turnkey investments in industries such as hotels or private dormitory projects. This development will operate like a modern machine, while simultaneously offering a comprehensive solution and ready-made export product, one that can be implemented anywhere in the world.


Sven Konrad, Head of Prefab and Export Sales at Fibo, added: “We believe that it is no good to have a product that fits sustainability requirements if it doesn’t look visually appealing. It’s important to balance sustainability with both durability and aesthetics if we are to truly deliver the housing of the future. Fibo wall panels even come with a 25-year guarantee, offering the assurance that they will stand the test of time. While wall panels may have previously been seen as a cheap or dull option, this is no longer the case. Thanks to the latest market and technological developments, wall panels come with a tile-effect look and feel. The top layer of laminate on Fibo wall panels is etched out to reveal a realistic grout line, offering a greener, durable and visually appealing alternative to tiles for any modular housing project.”




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