DIM: intrinsic value USD 14.01 as per April 30, 2002

The intrinsic value per share of investment fund DIM Vastgoed N.V. amounted to USD 14.01 as per April 30, 2002. As per March 31, 2002 the intrinsic value stood at USD 13.99. Closing price on the stock market was USD 12,05 on May 9, 2002.

DIM VastgoedÂ's strategy is aimed at paying at least 8% dividend annually. It is calculated on the intrinsic value per share at the beginning of each financial year.

It is expected that DIM will pay a dividend of USD 1.09 per share. Based on the closing price on May 9, 2002 of USD 12.05, this would equal a dividend of 9.32%.

First quarter figures of DIM Vastgoed have been announced on April 30, 2002.

(source: DIM Vastgoed)

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