Carrefour unveils new personal shopper service (FR)

Carrefour unveils new personal shopper service (FR)

Carrefour has launched a new “personal shopper” home delivery service in Paris and Lyon. With this personalised e-commerce service, Carrefour is reinforcing its position as the leader in grocery home delivery. This type of service, the first of its kind in France, has already proven successful in a number of the Group's countries. The new service is available through the app called OK Market! which features over 20,000 food products, including cut-to-order products (fresh bread, butchery products, cooked meats, fish, cheese, delicatessen products), same-day delivery service, with timeslots selected by the customer, and “personal shopper” experience.


Customers can ask their shopper to add extra products if they forget anything once they have placed their order. They can also approve any substitute products and any decisions that have to be made about fruits and vegetables. The whole conversation takes place over a chat integrated into the OK Market! app, and customers can also call or contact the shopper throughout the order experience. OK Market! is currently undergoing a test in a few Carrefour stores. These tests will allow Carrefour to ensure quality before the service is extended to other towns. The service will then be open to other retailers and will function as a marketplace, so customers can shop at all partner brands and stores.


The personal shopper service is based on Carrefour's Bringo platform. This platform proved highly successful in 2020 and 2021 in Romania, where the service accounts for 46% of the e-commerce market. In Romania, the Bringo app is used by more than 2500 stores:  Carrefour supermarkets in 38 cities, as well as more than 350 pharmacies, florists, wine merchants and toy stores. New services have been added over the last few months, including a 30-minute delivery service. In Belgium, the same platform was launched under the “Ship-To” brand. It is available in four cities and supports nine Carrefour Market stores. In June 2021, Carrefour Argentina launched the Bringo service in Buenos Aires. Based on the success of these rollouts, Carrefour now plans to gradually launch its shopper service across the other geographies in which it operates.


“I'm delighted with the launch of OK Market! in France, which shows just how agile we are when it comes to launching and testing additional services which help us to stand out from the competition. This new service combines the very best of digital and bricks-and-mortar retail, providing our customers with a unique experience for their weekly shopping. After Romania, Belgium and Argentina, France – our main country – was the logical next step for offering this service to our customers”, said Elodie Perthuisot, Carrefour Group's Executive Director of E-Commerce, Data and Digital Transformation.

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