British Land completes modular education building at Canada Water (GB)

British Land completes modular education building at Canada Water (GB)

TEDI-London, a new engineering higher education enterprise, co-founded by three global universities: King’s College London, Arizona State University and UNSW Sydney, has opened at British Land’s Canada Water development, welcoming its first cohort of full-time students to its campus this week. The modular campus took just under nine months from signing the agreement for the lease to TEDI-London taking occupation. Built in the UK, the building itself took just six weeks to construct once the modular components had arrived on the site, minimising disruption to the local area.Designed by internationally renowned architect Hawkins Brown, each module uses lightweight steel frame boxes clad with insulation and requires no deep piles or concrete. At the end of its life, the building can be reused on-site, relocated in its entirety or stripped and the materials recycled, contributing to the circular economy.


Roger Madelin, Joint Head of Canada Water Development at British Land, said:Modular construction techniques are fairly well established in the residential sector but for commercial purposes, this method of construction is still relatively rare. In the current environment where some businesses are working through their space requirements, this type of modular solution provides a fantastic opportunity for customers to take space quickly, cheaply and sustainably, and allows them to grow with us into more permanent space in the future.”


TEDI-London has taken an initial c.€1,393m² (15,000ft²) of floorspace, including classrooms, breakout spaces and labs, with the option to expand up to 3,716m² (40,000ft²), which British Land will deliver in phases as the organisation grows. In the long term, British Land will work with TEDI-London to deliver a permanent home for its students within the Canada Water Masterplan.


Judy Raper, TEDI-London Dean and CEO, said: “We’re delighted to be setting up home in one of London’s most exciting and upcoming areas. British Land’s vision for Canada Water is a fantastic opportunity for TEDI-London and our staff and students to be part of a progressive, green, sustainable new urban space. Our students will be able to work on projects connected to, and for the benefit of, their local community, something which was a highly attractive proposition for us when choosing the location for our campus.”


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