AWAKE Djursjukhus is expanding to open a new hospital in Helsingborg (SE)

AWAKE Djursjukhus is expanding to open a new hospital in Helsingborg (SE)

AWAKE Djursjukhus will open in the former post sorting centre in Gåseback in southern Helsingborg. The high demand for qualified veterinary care is the reason for the expansion. The lease is for 2,000m2 and extends for 15 years.


AWAKE Djursjukhus is expanding its operations with a new hospital in Helsingborg providing round-the-clock emergency and specialist care for cats and dogs. The hospital expects to initially have 20-25 employees and will address the increased need for veterinary care. The property, previously a post-sorting centre, was acquired by Wihlborgs and is located in Gaseback, a developmental area in Helsingborg.


It is clear that animal care is in high demand. By gathering specialist expertise and high-quality equipment at AWAKE Djursjukhus, we intend to be the obvious choice for advanced medicinal and surgical treatment,” said Michael Bruckner, CEO of AWAKE Djursjukhus Helsingborg.


The establishment of the new veterinary hospital is a key component in the strategic transformation of Gaseback into a city district with a mix of housing, businesses and green areas. The veterinary hospital will be a sought-after addition to the market which, with its generous opening hours, also boosts security in the neighbourhood and comprises an investment in animal health, new jobs and positive change in Gaseback,” said Alexandra Werder Hallonkvist, Head of Investment Promotion, City of Helsingborg.


With the continual flow of employees and customers at all hours of the day, the new veterinary hospital will increase movement and safety in the area. The property is located within walking distance to the central parts of Helsingborg and has good access to public transport, making it easily accessible for all visitors and even those with four legs,” said Ulrika Hallengren, CEO of Wihlborgs.


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