Arie Barendrecht, Co-Founder and CEO, WiredScore

Arie Barendecht co-founded WiredScore in 2013 in partnership with the New York City Economic Development Corp. Since then WiredScore has certified more than over 17.18 mln m² (185 mln ft²) across 400 properties globally. The service provides owners, asset managers and leasing brokers with a revolutionary new tool in the leasing and marketing of their properties by ensuring their tenants have access to the most cutting-edge, high-quality and reliable internet services, which have become vital in today’s workplace.


WiredScore focuses in on a pretty niche market – connectivity in commercial space. Can you share a bit of background as to the company’s beginnings and strategy?


Fast, reliable internet has become one of the most important influencing factors for businesses seeking new office space, behind cost and location. Connectivity is a fundamental resource for businesses to operate successfully, and lack of connectivity in offices can result in service delays, unforeseen costs, and lost business. Despite its importance, we realised information about connectivity was scarcely available.


We developed WiredScore as a strategic solution to help businesses identify properties that will meet their technological needs from the moment they sign a lease.


WiredScore was developed in partnership with the City of New York and has since expanded to more than 30 cities across the US and internationally to London. We are proud to be the first and only international standard for best-in-class internet connectivity in commercial buildings. We champion cutting-edge tech infrastructure in commercial buildings, which ultimately powers the economic engines of cities around the world.


What is the certification process?


To achieve Wired Certification, buildings must meet a rigorous set of standards for best-in-class internet connectivity and tech capabilities. These standards include the number and quality of internet service providers, capability to bring in new providers, and the reliability of connections based on the building’s infrastructure.


The certification process starts with a simple 10-minute survey that building owners complete. WiredScore provides preliminary feedback on the building's connectivity based on the survey. Engineers then conduct a building review and award certification to qualifying buildings. If a building does not meet the standards initially, WiredScore provides a roadmap for improving connectivity to achieve Wired Certification.


The process from start to finish takes between 30 and 60 days.


What are some of the best-connected properties WiredScore has certified recently? Why?


Some of the best connected buildings in London that recently achieved Wired Certification include the Leadenhall Building, managed by British Land and Oxford Properties, and 20 Fenchurch, managed by Land Securities and The Canary Wharf Group. These state-of-the-art buildings have taken connectivity very seriously, ensuring their infrastructure and service offerings are top-notch. Both buildings offer service from at least five different fibre broadband providers, giving occupiers a variety of choices for primary or redundancy internet service. The infrastructure was also designed to protect against outages by creating duplicate cabling pathways from the basement to the top floor in case there is any service disruption. They are also focusing on mobile coverage and have or are currently installing a distributed antenna system, which should enhance cell phone coverage throughout the building. These buildings are not only exceptional by today’s standards, but should also meet the connectivity needs of any future occupier.


How does connectivity relate to real estate opportunities?


Wired Certification provides an unprecedented tool that benefits landlords, occupiers, and agents alike.


In an increasingly tech-reliant world, top occupiers demand more than just a good location; they depend on reliable internet to accomplish their business goals. Achieving Wired Certification helps building owners distinguish themselves in the marketplace to attract and retain occupiers by demonstrating the superior internet connectivity of the building.


For occupiers, the Wired Certified seal is a trusted symbol that identifies buildings that will support their technological needs from the moment they sign a lease and for many years to come.


For agents, Wired Certification distinguishes buildings that have been independently certified to provide the leading-edge Internet infrastructure that occupiers require to thrive, helping them to identify the best buildings for their clients.


About WiredScore

WiredScore powers the economic engine of cities around the world by championing cutting-edge tech infrastructure in commercial buildings. Launched in 2013 in partnership with the City of New York, WiredScore is the pioneer behind the international Wired Certification standard that evaluates and distinguishes best-in-class Internet connectivity in commercial buildings. Connectivity is a critical need in an increasingly tech-driven economy, and the widely recognized Wired Certification seal is a trusted symbol that signals buildings that have been independently certified to provide the leading-edge Internet infrastructure that businesses require to thrive. 


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