Altera acquires Leiden healthcare scheme (NL)

Altera invests in Leiden healthcare scheme (NL)

Altera Vastgoed, acting together with Libertas Leiden, the City of Leiden and building contractor and property developer M.J. de Nijs, recently celebrated the beginning of the construction of the final phase of the Robijnhof project in Leiden. The Robijnhof project comprises 119 futureproof rental properties (24 of which are social sector rental homes), 79 underground parking spaces and three shared parking facilities for mobility scooters and bicycles (Phase I). The intramural care complex comprises 40 psychogeriatric units (Phase II). The care complex has been designed in close cooperation with care provider Libertas. Altera and Libertas have entered into a long-term rental agreement. 


The first homes in Phase I were completed in November 2021. The futureproof homes are intended for senior citizens aged 65 and over who are in need of some degree of extramural care. All the homes have been let. The apartments are connected to the district heating network. Solar panels installed on the buildings’ roofs supply power to the central facilities. The housing complex has an area on the ground floor that serves as the operational base for the home care provided by Libertas.


Erwin Wessels, CIO of Altera, commented: “The festive start to the construction of the psychogeriatric units, in partnership with De Nijs, signals the beginning of the final phase of construction. Libertas is going to rent this complex for many years, which contributes to the community by providing a place for elderly people with a need for intramural care. Additionally, the homes in the project give elderly people the opportunity to live affordably and independently in pleasant, high-quality surroundings and to get home care if they need it. This means that Robijnhof is a perfect fit for our residential portfolio, which focuses on affordability for all target groups.”

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