Adriano Care invests €35m in nursing home portfolio (ES)

Adriano Care invests €35m in nursing home portfolio (ES)

Adriano Care has acquired two new nursing home assets with a total investment of approximately €35mThe assets acquired are two high quality homes, the first of which is located in Santander, in the central district of Puerto Chico, has 118 beds and is leased to Orpea; the second is located in Sant Cugat, has 180 beds and is leased to Amavir. Both assets have mandatory long-term rental contracts.


With these two transactions, Adriano has now invested more than €100m in 2022 and is moving forward with its investment plan, with a total portfolio of 22 assets and 2,875 beds that exceeds €235m in value, including committed investment in developments. The portfolio comprises approximately 82% traditional nursing homes and 18% in the emerging senior living segment. Among the operators to whom the assets are leased for management are leading European companies such as Colisee, DomusViAmavirOrpea, Vivalto and Clece.


Adriano Care is one of the leading institutional owners in the senior housing sector in Spain, and since its incorporation in 2019 has maintained its commitment to undertake investments that provide quality real estate solutions to meet the challenge of an ageing population. 


Concha Osacar, founding partner of Azoracommented: “Adriano Care remains committed to addressing the growing need for housing solutions associated with an ageing population, adapted to the needs of our seniors and to new real estate trends. With these two new acquisitions, the socimi is making progress in consolidating its portfolio with the aim of completing its investment commitment in the coming months, in line with its objectives.”

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