Aareal Bank founded new real estate investment banking advisory company in London (DE/UK)

Via Capital Limited, a new real estate investment banking advisory firm based in London and backed by the international property specialist Aareal Bank has now been established and licensed by UK’s Financial Services Authority. Via Capital provides structured mortgage advisory, structured financing advisory and investment advisory services to the property sector.

Via Capital has hired 17 experienced individuals to date and will be headed by Marc Bajer, formerly global co-head of the debt capital markets division of Commerzbank Securities. The company will service its clients out of offices in London and in a second stage in Germany.

Marc Bajer, CEO of Via Capital stated: “The company has now reached a critical mass in terms of experienced professionals to provide a value added service to our clients. Through its complementary product mix, of structuring, conduits and investment advisory services, Via Capital will be well placed to become an integrated provider of structured financing solutions to both real estate lenders and investors.”

Source: Aareal Bank

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