World Trade Center Amsterdam wins prestigious RIBA award

The World Trade Center Amsterdam won a coveted RIBA Award for Architecture 2003. The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) bestows this award to projects they regard as exemplary.

RIBA mandates that design excellence must be evident in these award-winning projects irrespective of their size or complexity and that they “should be capable of enduring as a fine work of architecture throughout its working life.”

The World Trade Center Amsterdam was also cited by the awards jury as having a “particularly complex programme and in the view of the judging panel had been very well addressed in planning terms. The incorporation of public uses into private space had been well handled creating a lively atmosphere very much removed from what can be very dull monocultural space…Overall, the attempt to create a sense of place, to provide coherence across the complex as a whole, and to relate it to the urban grain beyond its context was judged a success.”

The RIBA Award acknowledges the long-term vision and commitment of the WTC Amsterdam team: KPF (Architects), ING Real Estate, KfN (Investors) and T&vT (Developers for the investors).

Source: ING Real Estate Investment Management

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