William Properties withdraws from design competition Nijmegen

Development combination William Properties/Maximiliano Fuksas has withdrwan from the design competition for the Plein 1944 in Nijmegen. William Properties announced the company is too busy with other projects to be able to take on the job.

Nijmegen city coucil is displeased with the decision, saying that it would have been wiser for William Properties not to have entered the competition at all if they had no capacity in the first place.

William Properties director Tie Liebe himself is also unhappy with the decision, but declares that his company could not meet the (justified) demands of the city council.

Volker Wessels Vastgoed, Blauwhoed and designers Bhalotra and Patijn from Kuiper Compagnons have been selected for the competition and have taken the place of William Properties.

source: vastgoedmarkt.nl

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