Wereldhave taken up in index of sustainability-driven companies

Wereldhave is the only Dutch real estate company taken up in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index World (DJSI World), an international index of companies who are sustainability-driven. Wereldhave is one of three real estate companies in the index. The other two are the British real estate funds Hammerson and Slough Estates.

Wereldhave has a weighing of 0.02% in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index World. Next to Wereldhave there are 11 other Dutch companies taken up in these indices like ABN Amro, Aegon, DSM, ING, Philips and Shell.

It is remarkable that Wereldhave is seen as a ‘financial’, just like ABN Amro, Aegon and ING. Apart from that Wereldhave is also represented in the European version of the index, the DJSI STOXX with only European companies. Wereldhave has a somewhat bigger weighing in this index with 0.047%.

The DJSI exists since September ’99 and is seen as the first index for sustainability-driven companies. Asset managers in 14 countries use the index as a benchmark for € 2.2 bln. in investments.

Source: PropertyNL

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