Wereldhave loses courtcase to city of Etten-Leur

Wereldhave lost an appeal in court against the city of Etten-Leur over the development of the city centre. The court in Den Bosch ruled that the city council was entitled to ignore Wereldhave in the tender for the new centre.

According to Wereldhave, the city of Etten-Leur had signed a letter of intent 12 years ago, agreeing that Wereldhave had the sole right to plan and develop the new area that came clear after the removal of an old highway. This would be a compensation for the renewal of a shopping centre by Wereldhave. Town hall eventually placed the order for the development of the area with a consortium of BVR, HBG and Johan Matser. Since than the company and the the city coucil have been in court.

Last year, the court already ruled in favour of the city council, but Wereldhave appealed against that ruling.

source: BN/vastgoedmarkt.nl

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