Victor Rijssen holds 98.7% of VolkerWessels Shares

Victor Rijssen B.V. ('Victor Rijssen') and Koninklijke Volker Wessels Stevin N.V. ('VolkerWessels') announce that Victor Rijssen has acquired a stake of 7.1% in VolkerWessels from an institutional investor today at a price of € 19.65 per (depository receipt for) VolkerWessels share ('VolkerWessels Share'), equal to the bid price under the public offer by Victor Rijssen.

Per the last day of the post-tender period Victor Rijssen held 90.3% of VolkerWessels Shares. In the period after the closing of the post-tender period until today, Victor Rijssen acquired 415,515 VolkerWessels Shares in regular trading on the stock exchange or otherwise, at a price no higher than the bid price under the public offer. This means that Victor Rijssen currently holds 33,099,533 VolkerWessels Shares, representing 98.7% of the outstanding share capital of VolkerWessels. In determining the above-mentioned percentages, VolkerWessels Shares held by VolkerWessels are excluded.

VolkerWessels and Victor Rijssen will contact Euronext on short notice regarding the termination of the listing of depository receipts for VolkerWessels shares.

Source: Koninklijke Volker Wessels Stevin

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