Unemployment increasing more slowly

The number of registered unemployed in the Netherlands rose to 172 thousand in the third quarter of this year. The rate hardly changed in the summer. According to figures from Statistics Netherlands, the upward trend of unemployment continues: the number of registered unemployed is now 30 thousand higher than six months ago.

Unemployment rate about the same as in previous quarter
In the third quarter of 2002, 172 thousand people in the Netherlands were registered as unemployed; eight thousand more than in the second quarter. However, because of seasonal effects an increase is quite usual between these two quarters. Once these effects have been removed registered unemployment comes out six thousand lower than in the second quarter.

Rate of increase slowing down
As unemployment figures are based on a sample survey and thus subject to a certain margin of error, to establish a trend they should be viewed over a longer period. The number of registered unemployed was 30 thousand higher than half a year ago, the equivalent of a rise by five thousand people a month.

Unemployment is increasing therefore, but at a slower rate than previous figures suggested. The unemployment figures for the second quarter indicated an increase of seven to eight thousand people a month.

(source: Statistics Netherlands)

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