Unemployment benefits continue to rise

At the end of the third quarter of 2002, 184 thousand people were claiming unemployment benefit, 20 thousand more than one year previously. In the second quarter the increase on one year previously was 8 thousand. The number of people receiving income support fell by 3 thousand to 318 thousand in the second quarter of this year.

The number of disability benefits did not rise further in the third quarter of 2002 and numbered 988 thousand, according to figures from Statistics Netherlands.

Unemployment benefits rising more quickly
The number of people claiming unemployment benefit is rising more quickly. Compared with one year ago, about 20 thousand more people were claiming unemployment benefit. At the end of June the increase was 8 thousand on one year previously. At the end of September 2002, 184 thousand unemployment benefits were paid.

The main increase of unemployment benefit claims was by people in the age group 25-44 years. For persons aged 55 and older on the other hand the number of benefits fell. Economic developments have less effect on unemployment benefits in this group. As older people have usually receive unemployment benefit for a longer periods, the number of people claiming unemployment benefit for longer than a year also fell.

Income support gradually falls further
In the second quarter of 2002, 318 thousand people were receiving income support, 3 thousand fewer than in the previous quarter. In view of the deteriorating economic situation, however, it is uncertain whether the decrease will continue at this rate. Compared with the same period last year, 8 thousand fewer people were receiving income support.

Disability benefits stable
The number of disability benefits did not rise further in the third quarter of 2002. At the end of September 2002 the number was 988 thousand, 15 thousand more than twelve months previously. The increase is smaller than the increase of 28 thousand in September 2001 on the year before. The 15 thousand increase is completely accounted for by women. The number of women receiving a disability benefit rose by 17 thousand in the space of twelve months, while the number of men receiving these benefits fell by 2 thousand.

(source: CBS)

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