Two Directors to resign from Rotterdam Development Corporation (NL)

Two Directors of the Rotterdam Development Corporation (RDV) will soon be leaving the company. Dr. Hans Stam, Director of RDV, and drs. Stef Fleischeuer, Director Development, will hand over their responsibilities to a new Board. Drs. Willem van Vliet, Director Productions, will not resign from the Board. According to Stam, the motive for their resignments is the implementation of the new Economic Vision 2020, which requires a new working method.

The Economic Vision 2020 is dressed up in cooperation with the Economic Development Board Rotterdam (EDBR), a RDV division which was instituted in 2004. In the Economic Vision 2020 important changes of strategy are formulated, in order to improve the efficiency in the company. For so far, the measures taken did not have the intended results, concludes Hans Stam.

In mutual agreement with the Municipality of Rotterdam, Stam and Fleischeurer decided to hand over the implementation of the new strategy to a new Board. The municipality of Rotterdam is trying to find them a new position within the municipal organization. Stam and Fleischeuer will fulfill their positions at RDV until the municipality of Rotterdam has appointed (temporary or permanent) substitutes.

Source: Rotterdam Development Corporation

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