The municipality of The Hague, MAB and Haag Wonen sign contract for Wijnhavenkwartier project develo

The Hague, 31 January 3003 â€" The municipality of The Hague, project developer MAB B.V. and housing corporation Haag Wonen signed the contract today for phase 1b of the Wijnhavenkwartier project development. The programme of requirements for the entire first phase of the project involving the ‘Zwarte Madonna’ property, consists of developing accommodations for the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations and providing housing and urban amenities. While the Government Buildings Agency is developing the accommodations for the ministries (phase 1a), MAB B.V. and Haag Wonen are developing the housing and urban amenities (phase 1b).

MAB B.V. and Haag Wonen have entered into a partnership for developing phase 1b of this project. Haag Wonen will purchase the rental units while project developers Haag Wonen/Kristal and MAB will provide the experience, creativity and process assistance needed for the project’s success.

Phase 1b involves the construction of a multi-storey block of flats, 125 metres in height that will contain both non-subsidised owner-occupied units and subsidised rental units. The ground floor will be occupied by shops with urban amenities above them. The building’s two-level basement will provide parking spaces. Construction is planned to start in 2005.

Haag Wonen and Kristal NV
Haag Wonen is a professional, progressive housing corporation that supports the need for good urban housing. Its ownership of 28,000 homes as well as other (business) properties in The Hague makes it one of the larger housing corporations in the Haaglanden district. Kristal NV is an independent company in which six housing corporations in the Randstad area join forces, mainly in the area of project development. Haag Wonen is one of Kristal’s six founding partners.

MAB, an independent integrated property company operating in the Netherlands, Germany, France, England and Belgium, is engaged in the development, management and trading of property. Ever since its founding in 1970, MAB has specialised in the development of major spatial planning projects in predominantly complex inner-city situations.

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